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David Cannon

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Doomed (Photo)


Whirlwind (real name David Cannon) is a super-villain and an enemy of Spider-Man.[1]

Physical appearance

Whirlwind wears an armor where the eyes are visible. The helmet has a rocket shape. He wears full body armour and employs two saw blades attached to his wrists[1]


David Cannon discovered his mutant abilities at an early age. he grew up to be a proffesional criminal. At a certain point of time, Whirlwind was captured by Spider-Man and later escaped.[1]

He could be later seen on the Helicarrier's monitor as one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Most Wanted supervillains.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Wind manipulation


Background in other media

  • This is Whirlwinds fifth animated appearance of Whirlwind. Previous versions include Iron Man the Animated Series, The Avengers: United They Stand, The Super Hero Squad Show and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


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Whirlwind On Computer.

Whirlwind USM

Whirlwind Photo

Whirlwind USM 001

Whirlwind/Lance Alvers

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