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Arriving Venom
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Spider-Man (genetic template)
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Flash Thompson (first host)
Nova (second host)
Power Man (third host)
Iron Fist (fourth host)
Venom (completed form)
Carnage (variation)
Spider Soldiers (variation)
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The Symbiote is an organism created from Spider-Man's DNA that can attach itself to a human host to form an almost unstoppable villain.

Physical appearance

Resembling a substance of black liquefied slime, the Symbiote can change shape and can form a face with eyes that have a jagged white outline and a mouth with razor-sharp teeth. After taking a host, Venom gains an extreme muscular physical body and grows larger depending on the host's size.

Flash Thompson

After bonding with Flash Thompson, the Symbiote developed spiky hair, a muscular build, and several tentacles out of its back.


After bonding with Nova, the Symbiote developed a head similar in shape to Nova's helmet and a wider jaw than seen on any other form the symbiote took when it bonded with the other hosts. It had the patterns of the Nova Corps uniform.

Power Man

After bonding with Power Man, the Symbiote developed symbiotic-based sunglasses. It had a
  • The Symbiote bonded to Flash Thompson.
  • The Symbiote bonded to Nova.
  • The Symbiote bonded to Power Man.
  • The Symbiote bonded to Iron Fist.
muscular build, patterns of Power Man's uniform, and grew four tentacles out of its back.

Iron Fist

After bonding with Iron Fist, the Symbiote developed a head similar in shape of Iron Fist's mask and had the patterns and the symbol of Iron Fist's costume.


The Symbiote is an emotionless being who is confused the second that it was created from Spider-Man's DNA. Its personality changes depending on who it is bonded to, though it stays with distilled aggression.



The Symbiote was created by Dr. Otto Octavius after obtaining from a blood sample from Spider-Man left in a battle with an Octobot. At the same moment it was created, the 'living suit of armor' started to act aggressively as it was made from all the deadliest aspects of Spider-Man's DNA. Despite Octavius needing few months to perfect the life-form, Norman Osborn only gave a month to do so. After Otto tells Osborn about needing more time to have something for that night, the symbiote escaped and wanted to return to where it came from: Spider-Man. The organism followed Peter Parker to Harry Osborn's party. After realizing that Peter is Spider-Man, it became confused and began jumping from host to host. Using its ability to latch onto anyone, it latched onto Flash Thompson, Nova, Power Man and Iron Fist in the process. After finally bonding to Spider-Man, it became complete and proclaimed itself as "Venom".


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