Spider-Man was fighting against The Green Goblin then a vortex from another world sucks them both of them into The Plumber World and Spider-Man meets Ben Tennyson & Rook all 3 of them are forced to team up  when The Green Goblin forms a alliance with Khyber and plans to use the Nemetrix on  both Manhatten and Their world now can Spidey , Ben , and Rook defeat the two evil villains to save the world? 


  • Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man ( Drake Bell )
  • Ben Tennyson ( Yuri Lowenthal )
  • Rook Blonko ( Bumper Robinson )
  • Green Goblin ( Steve Weber )
  • Khyber ( David Kaye )
  • Grandpa Max Tennyson ( Paul Eiding )
  • Ava Ayala AKA White Tiger ( Caitlyn Taylor Love )
  • Sam Alexander AKA Nova ( Logan Miller )
  • Luke Cage AKA Power Man ( Ogie Banks )
  • Danny Rand AKA Iron Fist ( Greg Cipes )

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