• Man of pool26

    First two episodes will be 2-part crossover with Avengers Assemble,where he will have to choose his future team-Avengers or original team

    Possible new animations

    The season 3 air date has changed from May 5th to June 1st due to faults in animations

    It is rumored that Quake is going to join the team.

    Black Cat will appear in 10th or 11th episode (but directors aren't sure about that)

    New Heroes will be introduced such as:Cloack and Dagger,Amadeus Cho,Ka-zar...

    As well as new villains:Mysterio,Chameleon,Vulture...

    X-men and Fantastic four have a chance to appear

    It is rumored that Firestar,Iceman and Spider-man will fight together again

    It is rumored that Spiderman will join Iron man to defeat Mandarin-Spiderman will join Daredevil to defeat Kingpin-…

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