Welcome to the Ulimate Spider-Man Animated Series Wiki true-believers. While you are free to do edits to this wiki, there are a few simple policies you need to follow.

1. Do not add any inaccurate information to any of the pages. This means no theories, ideas, or unconfirmed info. So please do a little research before you add your changes. Not only is adding inaccuracy to pages not need here, but inserting offensive, vulgar, or suggestive material is a big no-no and will result in a temporary block, if done again a ban. This is a family wiki, all content must be suitable for everyone.

2. Please treat other users with respect. Any mistreatment will earn yourself a time-out (and quite possibly a ban depending on the circumstance). We are all here to make friends.

3. Please discuss certain topics with me or other users before you make your edit. One such topic is the addition of "Heroes" and "Villains" categories. Please do not add said categories until we ever come to agreement of their submission. For now, they are unnecessary and only have the purpose of distinguishing groups of characters.

I hope you all know now what you are supposed to do here on on the Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series Wiki. And with that I say, Excelsior!

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