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  • I live in a place where boats mysteriously sink, and the crew: eaten.
  • I was born on August 18
  • I am Male
  • Artricity

    Here are two things i've noticed from the trailer:

    Yes, the first one implies Spider Man's new costume as of his counterpart of Earth-616. While the other one, though already confirmed to appear, is Gwen Stacy.

    Well, these are the two spoilers i've covered, if i have missed anything else, feel free to tell me and i'll post it.

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  • Artricity

    Hello guys,

    As I've noticed recently, infoboxes are being crowded with multiple images and which also looks unorganised. Not to say that I don't appreciate what the contributor is doing, but why post so many images on the infobox whereas no one bothers to instead create a /Gallery link.

    I hope you guys understand my concerns and take it upon yourselves to try and use the /Gallery link instead of posting it on infoboxes.

    Thank you for your time taken to read this.

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