Ultimate Team-Ups (DVD)

Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Team-Ups is the second DVD volume of the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man.


One year ago, teenage Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. He soon learned a fateful lesson about great power and great responsibility and became the hero, SPIDER-MAN. Now, recruited by Nick Fury's superspy agency, S.H.I.E.L.D., and outfitted with sleek new tech and gadgets, Peter must find his place in this new world of Super Hero team dynamics while juggling his civilian life of high school drama. In other words, Peter Parker must become the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN.

In the next installment of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, the terrifying Venom returns and SPIDER-MAN tries to go it alone to stop the villain and save his best friend. A simple class field trip leads SPIDER-MAN and his team in an Asgardian adventure where the only hope for Thor is to stop his brother, Loki, from taking the throne of Asgard. When everyone in New York is caught in a mystical slumber, SPIDER-MAN and Iron Fist seek help, Dr. Strange, the master of the mystic arts.


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