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The Vulture
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Air date September 28, 2014
Written by Henry Gilroy & Marty Isenberg
Directed by Kalvin Lee
Episode Guide
The Next Iron Spider


The Savage Spider-Man

The Vulture is the sixth episode of the second season of Ultimate Spider-Man.


A mysterious thief known as The Vulture causes trouble.



Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Other Characters

Cast and Crew




Marvel references



  • Spider-Man: [Grunts] Easy, slugger.
  • Harry Osborn: Spider-Man, what are you doing?
  • Spider-Man: Harry Osborn,. His dad, Norman Osborn, may be evil, But Harry's my best friend-- Well, Peter Parker's best friend. Uh, sorry to bust in like this. I'm looking for info on one of Oscorp's DNA Experiments. and I wasn't sure I was welcome.
  • Harry Osborn: [Sighs] I can't say I blame you. After all my dad did in the past. I just wish I could have done something.
  • Spider-Man: Hey, don't beat yourself up. You're not your dad. But in the meantime, we maybe able to help someone else, if you know your dad's password.
  • Harry Osborn: I don't, all I know is that the password has five characters.
  • Spider-Man: [Sighs] The password-- five characters-- Something Norman would remember. Ah! H-A-R-R-Y!
  • Harry Osborn: Dad used my name for his password?
  • Spider-Man: That's a good thing, right? There must have been some good times. Hold that thought. It looks like we unlocked the motherload on Doc Ock's animal dna experiments. Hey, he really did make a kangaroo! Looks like Ock offered cash to down-on-their-luck kids to particpate in his scientific studies. Aw, but it doesn't say who any of these kids were.

  • Nick Fury: I want every available agent blanketing this city. Shoot Vulture out of the sky.Extreme force.
  • Spider-Man: No! Vulture;s not a bad guy. He's being used by Doc Ock. Let me try to talk him down.
  • Nick Fury: And just what were you thinking letting Vulture on my ship?
  • Spider-Man: Well, when you put it that way-- [Grunts] Okay. I need to find Vulture and Ock before S.H.I.E.L.D. does. Since I'm already in trouble, gonna borrow me a tech upgrade and hope Fury has a real short memory. Uh, speaking of memories--

  • Peter Parker: I bought food, drink and eight scary movies.

  • Peter Parker: I love it! Pass the snacks.


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