The Spider-Verse: Part 2
3, 10
The Spider-Verse Part 2
Air date March 12, 2015
Written by Paul Dini
Directed by Roy Burdine
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The Spider-Verse: Part 1


The Spider-Verse: Part 3
Ah, this world's Spider-Man. Nice! Very Noir.

The Spider-Verse: Part 2 is the tenth episode of the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man.


The Green Goblin opens portals to alternate worlds so Spider-Man teams up with alternate versions of himself to stop him.



Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Other Characters



  • This episode will air in the UK on 6th September 2014 with the others airing every Saturday. It along with the 3 other "Spider-Verse" episodes aired in India on 31st August.

Marvel references



  • Spider-Man Noir: (Screams) (Groans)

  • Spider-Man: Speaking of costumes. You ever see anyone around here wearing one like mine?

  • Spider-Man: (Yelps) Hey, Jackpot! There's my guy down there! Hold on! I want to talk to you, Mr. Spider-- Scarecrow? (Sighs)

  • Iron Mouse: Hey!
  • Goblin: One side, Vermin!
  • Iron Mouse: Spider-Ham!
  • Spider-Man: Iron Mouse?
  • Iron Mouse: That's the green monster who was asking about you in town. You need a hand?

  • Iron Mouse: Does this means you're ready to rejoin the Avengers?


Official - Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors - The Spider Verse Part 2 - Spider-Man Noir - HD00:52

Official - Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors - The Spider Verse Part 2 - Spider-Man Noir - HD

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