Steel Spider
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Oliver Osnick

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Steel Spider Armor



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Jason Marsden


The Steel Spider (real name Oliver "Ollie" Osnick) is Boston's trademark superhero and former super-villain.

Physical appearance


After Spider-Man moved to Boston, Oliver built him a Spider-Cave and Spider technology in the hopes that he would become the wall-crawler's sidekick. Spider-Man denied the offer because Ollie had no super powers, which angered him. In retaliation, he creates the Steel Spider armor and donates the high-tech armors to three criminals that Spider-Man had caught who use them to become Plymouth Rocket, Salem's Witch, and Smash Adams. When Steel Spider manages to trap Spider-Man and reveal his true identity, he mentioned that he was the one who brought Spider-Man to Boston. When Spider-Man tries to apologize, Oliver successfully apologizes. When it was mentioned that J. Jonah Jameson wanted the reward for Spider-Man, Plymouth Rocket, Salem's Witch, and Smash Adams turn against Ollie and attack them both. With knowledge from Oliver, Spider-Man uses the knowledge from Oliver about where the shut-off switches for the armors are. As Steel Spider helps Spider-Man to fight Plymouth Rocket, Salem's Witch, and Smash Adams, they work to get the shut-off switch on the armors. Afterwards, Steel Spider decides to become the superhero of Boston while Spider-Man heads back to New York.[1]


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