Peter Parker (Noir)

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Biographical information
Real name

Peter Parker

Alternative name(s)

The Spider (Usually), Wall Crawler, Sunshine, Your Not So Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Hard-Boiled and Tough Guy

Physical description

Human/Spider Hybrid





Personal information



May Parker (aunt; estranged)

Production details
First appearance

The Spider-Verse: Part 2

Voiced by

Milo Ventimiglia


Spider-Man Noir is a alternate counterpart of Spider-Man from the Noir Universe.

Physical Appearance

Spider-Man Noir wears a black mask with goggles, a black vest, a light gray shirt underneath, dark gray pants, and black gloves and boots. While being the Peter Parker of his universe and looks essentially the same as the main reality Spider-man, he is noticeably older with minor wrinkles.

He sometimes wears a black fedora and trench coat.


He has a very dull and gloomy personality as he often makes sarcastic puns and disappears from the crime seen without being seen. He also believed that he should only protect the city because if he didn't there wouldn't be one the next day, until Spidey showed him that he helps because the people need it and crime lurks around every corner.


This version of Spider-Man obtained his powers from a bite from an exotic spider and later became a superhero despite the fact he didn't want to be one in the first place. At an unknown point in time, Parker severed ties with his Aunt May and his friend Mary Jane Watson (Noir) in order to protect them from the dangers of being close to him.


He makes his first appearance in The Spider-Verse: Part 2 when the Green Goblin comes looking for him. He decides to draw him out by causing a police chase through the city, when Spiderman Noir caught up with him, he assumed the Goblin was someone in a costume but he was very real. The two got in a brief scuffle in the midst of the car chase after the goblin blasted him off Spiderman rescued him.

When Peter tried to explain the situation to Spider-Man Noir offering his help to stop the goblin but he shrugged him off by saying, "I work alone." and left. Spiderman Noir found goblin on the Washington State bridge the two resumed the fight and just when the goblin was about get his data. Spiderman jumped in and saved him, the two webbed up the goblin just in time for him to take a crash into the river. Spiderman Noir thought that would the last of him, but Peter told nope and said the goblin is a wiz at disappearing acts and when he was his incarnation disappear just as fast, he replied, "Goblin has some competition."

Once Spiderman Noir returned to his home, he was surprised to see Spiderman already there, he asked who Spiderman is and he replied, "Let's just say I'm not from around there or better yet this universe." Calling Peter a wise guy, The Spider took off his mask and was surprised to see a younger version of him, he asked if he looked familiar and when The Spider took off his mask, Peter was surprised to see an older version of himself and joked about stocking up on moisturizer. When Peter tried to explain the situation again, The Spider replied, "Ever since some exotic spider bit me, my life hasn't been anything but weird." Ever since that day Peter Parker Noir didn't call himself much of a hero and didn't even want the job in the first place. But if he didn't put on the mask, then the city would drown in it's own evil and that the weak will perish.

Spiderman wanted to advise a plan before the goblin found The Spider, he replied, "I'll find him first." and told Peter to stay put and went off. When The Spider found him, he tried to use his webs to keep Peter still and away from harm, but he was too fast for him, seeing a version of himself acting like this, he beings to mention this world's version of Aunt May. The Spider said, "I haven't seen her years." Peter begin to ask why, with him staying still long enough he webbed Peter's feet and left saying, "Sometimes the only way to protect someone, is to leave them behind." And when Spiderman caught up to him again, he told Peter that crime fighting is serious business and easily shrugged it off. Then, he though the Goblin was coming but it was actually Jameson's News Blimp, and was surprised to hear that in this world Mary Jane made it as a reporter but got pushed away too. The Spider believed that bad things will happen people to hang out with guys like me, Peter began to think that too, but he learned that you didn't have to sacrifice friendships to a hero.

After hearing that the News Blimp was under attack from the goblin, the spiders race off after him when the blimp took off. Peter knew the goblin would expect to web-sling after him and the two decided to fly a plane after him, Mary Jane Noir tried to stop him but was futile. When she spoke of The Spider going to stop him, Norman believed that The Spider carried for her and used Mary Jane as bait to lure him out. Just after Mary Jane is saved by Peter has brief fight with Norman and pushed him into the blimp thrusters as the goblin poured on the speed. By doing so, people fell out of the blimp The Spider rescued one while Spiderman rescued everyone else, back at the blimp The Spider tussled with the goblin and easily won. Right after the goblin was beaten Spider-Man Noir was about to be leave, until he was stopped by Mary Jane who asked even though they were friends, why did he give her the brush off. He replied, "Couldn't risk it, Red! and "If anything happened to you or someone else I carried about." But she said, "That you can't live in fear of what might happen and you care so much for others you have to let someone care for you." But unfortunately that left him with his guard down long enough to have his DNA extracted.

Even though, Spiderman tried to get the DNA back goblin blasted the ships controls and left the blimp. With no other choice the Spiders had to crash the blimp into the river with Spiderman and Spider-Man Noir getting everyone to safety. With everybody safe Spiderman told his counterpart, "Good things happen when you let people into your life." with Mary Jane agreeing and giving Spider-Man Noir something to think about. When goblin got what he came for Spiderman had to go after him saying goodbye to his counterpart and Mary Jane referring to him as "tough guy."

Spider-Man Noir later returns in "The Spider-Verse" Pt. 4, summoned by "Ultimate" Spider-Man along with other Spider-Man counterparts, such as Spider-Man 2099 (a future version of Spider-Man), Spyder-Knight (a medieval armored version of Spider-Man), Spider-Girl (a female gender-swapped version of Spider-Man named Petra Parker), Spider-Ham (an anthropomorphic porcine version of Spider-Man), and Ultimate Spider-Man (an African-American/Hispanic teenager named Miles Morales who is Spider-Man's successor in the Ultimate Marvel universe). They form a team known as the Web-Warriors in order to combat the Green Goblin, who has transformed into an even more monstrous form known as the Spider-Goblin, thanks to a serum composed of all of the Spider-Men's DNA. The Web-Warriors battle and defeat Spider-Goblin, transforming him back into Norman Osborn. However, Electro, who had helped them defeat Goblin, betrays them and merges himself with the original Helicarrier, transforming it into a massive mecha. The Web-Warriors defeat Electro and detonate the transformed Helicarrier. With the villains defeated, the Web-Warriors return to their respective dimensions, Spider-Man Noir included.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength, Agility, Durability & Stamina
  • Advanced Speed, Reflexes and Accelerated Vision
  • Low-Level Rapid Healing Abilities
  • Wall Crawling
  • Spider-Sense
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant


  • Web Shooters


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Overall 7

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  • He is the one known spider with two outfits for in combat.