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The Spider-Cycle

The Spider-Cycle is a highly modified high-tech motorcycle for Spider-Man, invented by Dr. Curt Connors.[1]


The Spider-Cycle is especially made for Spider-Man to reach a point at a faster rate and relieves sustained muscle strength from his reliable use of slinging with his web shooters.

It was created by Dr. Curt Connors when Spider-Man worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. with a spider-based design to make Spidey the Ultimate Spider-Man.[1]




At some point of time, the Spider-Cycle was created by Dr.Curt Connors after studying and analyzing Spider-Man.[1]


After Spider-Man joined S.H.I.E.L.D, Curt gave Spider-Man a test ride on it. Spider-Man had trouble riding the cycle. Spider-Man was about to hit a truck, but got rescued by Nova, while White Tiger took control of it and gave it back.[1]

Spider-Man was riding it while being chased by an Octobot in a subway tunnel. Spider-Man destroyed the Octobot. [2]

Spider-Man used the motorcycle briefly when he chased Batroc the Leaper on a building.[3]

It was destroyed in a fight with the Green Goblin.


  • Automated Web Bridge: The Spider-Cycle uses GPS tracking to find the best places to shoot the webs in front of and behind him to create a web bridge that the it can ride across and get Spider-Man to his destination he chose quickly.[1]
  • Wall Riding: The Spider-Cycle is capable of riding on any surface, no matter what angle the wheels are touching the surface ate. The reason this is possible is unknown.[1]
  • Rocket Boosters: The Spider-Cycle has some rocket boosters to maximize its speed rate.[1]
  • Adaptive Environments: The Spider-Cycle can adapt to any environment.[2]



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