Midtown High
Midtown High School
Biographical Information
Real Name: Midtown High
Faculty: Principal Coulson

Janitor Stan
Substitute Coach Molskin
Substitute Coach Yaeger

Students: Sam Alexander

Ava Ayala
Luke Cage
Harry Osborn
Peter Parker
Daniel Rand
Flash Thompson
Mary Jane Watson
Miles Morales
Amadeus Cho
Liz Allan

Genders: Male & Females
Age: 14-19
Species: Humans
Location: New York
Character Information
First appearance: Great Power

Midtown High School is a large public school in Midtown, it is where Peter Parker, his team and his friends attends.[1]


Midtown High is like a large university where it has the faculties and facilities available for students and teachers. But underneath, it has some secret S.H.I.E.L.D. security defense and surveillance systems.


After defeating Trapster and meeting with Nick Fury, Spider-Man went back to his school where he resumed his normal life with his friends and bullies. But then he was interrupted by the Frightful Four when they attacked the school and injured the principal in their search for Spider Man.[1]

As Wizard asked Peter, he immediately caused a food fight as a distraction so he can suit up as Spider Man and fought with them until the police arrived and the Frightful Four left.[1]

After their defeat, the school's cafetaria was later rebuilt and a Coulson became the new principal with Sam, Ava, Luke and Danny attending the school with Peter.[2]

Coulson introduced coach Yaeger/Taskmaster to Peter's gym class. Yaegar searched for Spider-Man and choosed three students who were qualified to come on saturday. Taskmaster subdued Coulson and activated the security system of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Man and White Tiger went to school for suspisciousness and revealed the identity of Yaeger, to their shock they fought off Taskmaster and defeated him. As soon Flash distracted Spider-Man, Taskmaster escaped the school, leaving his mask of Yaeger's face behind.[3]


in the comics, the principle of midtown high is principle davis.

shield was never involved with midtown high.


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