Issue #2
Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 2 Cover
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Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man #2 is the second issue of the official Ultimate Spider-Man spin-off comic series. It was released on May 23, 2012.


The Story - Notes from the Underground

After picking up a new book shelf for his Aunt May, Peter Parker is forced to take the subway home when he finds that his webbing cannot support the shelf's weight. As Peter observes the other passengers on his subway car, the subway suddenly crashes. After changing into Spider-Man in the darkness, Spidey helps the other passengers out of the crashed car and begins to lead them to safety. While wandering the tunnels, Spider-Man and the passengers run into the Mole Man and his subterranean monsters! Spidey is able to take out the Mole Man and his giant pet, while the passengers are able to hold their own against the Mole Man's smaller minions. As the Mole Man retreats, one of the passengers starts going into labour. The next day, Spider-Man's adventure appears in the Daily Bugle under the headline "Subway Baby."

Second Story - "Look Ma, No Webs!"

Spider-Man and White Tiger foil a bank robbery, but White Tiger chastises Spidey for his over reliance on his tech (in this case, his "concussion webs"). They then get a call from Nick Fury, who informs them that Spymaster is on the loose at Kimball Field, in possession of a stolen mutant growth hormone. Leaving White Tiger to clean up the mess at the bank, Spidey grabs his ("shudder") spidercycle and heads to the field. When Spider-Man arrives, Fury informs him that Spymaster is trying to escape on one of the many hot air balloons floating over the field. Spidey hitches a ride on one of the civillians' balloons and eventually spots the Spymaster. Unfortunately for Spidey, he's now out of web fluid! Forced to improvise, Spider-Man is eventually able to take down the Spymaster, all without using his tech!


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