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Spider Slayers


Doctor Octopus (Creator)

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Spider Slayers: Part 1

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Drake Bell


Kaine is a synthezoid, a synthetic duplicate of Spider-Man. Kaine possesses all the abilities of Spider-Man, with additional power stretch like rubber and can create tendrils and tentacles from his own body. Kain can also drain Spider-Man's life energy with a touch. Kaine can regenerate from most injuries, and can even reattach severed body parts (although doing so causes Kaine to mutate and become less human looking). Kaine also has more control of the Spider-Slayers than Scarlet, whom Kaine later fuse with the Spider Slayers and assume a monstrous form.


  • Synthezoid-Spider Physiology: Kaine possesses all the abilities of Spider-Man, ranging from superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes & durability.
  • Metamorphosis: He can elongate and expand his body at will, and can create tendrils and tentacles from his own body.
    • Regeneration: He can regenerate instantly & even reattach severed limbs.
  • Life Drain: He needs to drain the vitality of Spider-Man for sustenance via touch.


  • In the comics, Kaine was a disfigured clone of Spider-Man in the comics and later became the Scarlet Spider after the death of Ben Reilly [1]. Kaine wore the costume worn by Scarlet Spider in Ultimate Spider-Man. Despite being named Ben Reilly, Scarlet Spider is based on the Kaine from the comics.
  • Kaine's powers are inspired by Spidercide [2], a shape-shifting clone of Spider-Man.

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