Iron Spider Hulkbuster Armor

The Iron Spider Hulkbuster Armor is a giant version of the Iron Spider Armor created by Doctor Curt Connors. It is used by Spider-Man to fight against large menaces or stop the Hulk from going on a rampage. 


Its about the same height as the Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor with gold-titanium alloy, Four gold arachnid legs, and a combination of magnetic and hydraulic technology


Spider-Man used this armor to stop the fight between the Hulk and Rhino. Later in Season 4 a alternate reality version of Spider-Man can be seen who is wearing an armor with the exact same appearance of the Iron Spider Hulkbuster Armor.


Similar to Tony's Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor it can possibly be used with the Iron Spider armor to add extra strength to it but it is non-canon because Spider-Man can use it without the Iron Spider Armor.