Mark II

Mark II

The Iron Man Armor MK II[1] is the second armor. It was created by Tony Stark.[2] It was later replaced by the Mark III.[3]


Tony Stark created the Mark II armor when he started his superhero career after replacing the Mark I armor.[2]this is the second Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark, replacing the Mark I armor. It is less bulky but more powerful than the first one, though it still has the grey coloring of that model. It was hacked by Ultron to attack the Avengers, but was later destroyed by Thor. It was rebuilt after that.

It was later replaced by the Mark III armor. Doctor Octopus had an Octobot take over it and it attacked Norman Osborn, but was defeated by Spider-Man.



  •       Flight
    • Repulsor Rays
    • Uni-Beam
    • Mach 5 Repulsor Boot Jets
    • Repulsor Shielding
    • HUD
    • Missles
    • Bulletproof


  1. The Mark II armor has not been named in the series, but it is known from the comic series.
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