Iron Man Armor Mark I

The Iron Man Armor Mark I[1] is the first armor of Iron Man. It was created by Tony Stark.[2] It was later replaced by the Mark II. [3]


Tony Stark created the armor when he was entrapped in a cave by an criminal organization possibly the Ten Rings. By using the pins and cans he can find, he created a prototype battle armor, which he used to escape successfully.[2]

He later used its specs and schematics to create a new generation of high-tech Iron Man armors back in America. It was later hacked by Doctor Octopus's Octobot and pitted against Spider-Man and Iron Man. It was destroyed. The first Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark designed to fight enemies with new improvised weapons. It was very useful since all of Tony's armors were hacked and controlled by Ultron while the Mark I wasn't since it has no computer systems in it. It was destroyed by Ultron. It was later rebuilt, possibly with some new computer systems.



  • Electrical Power Supply[2]
  • Repulsors
  • Uni-Beam
  • Flamethrowers
  • Bulletproof
  • Mach Speed Repulsor Boot Jets
  • Missles
  • Rocket Launchers


  1. The Mark I has not been named in the series, but it is called so in the comics.
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