Biographical Information
Members: Blackbolt, Medusa, Maximus, Crystal, Lockjaw, Triton, Karnak, Gorgon
Status: Active
Media Information
First appearance: Inhumanity


The result of Kree experimentation on primitive humans using Terrigen Mist, which made the subjects physically and mentally superhuman, along with giving each individual subject a unique power. The Inhumans are a race of super powered beings who live in isolation and do not trust humans, who have shown fear and hatred towards them in the past.


Triton is an exchange student from Attilan helping Spider-Man deal with Molten Man at the waterfront. However, Triton is under the impression because he is such a good fighter in Attilan, he doesn't need any back up. Upon returning to the Triskelion, Triton is revealed to be mistrusted by the other students. However, the fish-like inhuman is thrown into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody by Nick Fury when Attilan is above New York and Medusa declares war. Being the only one who believes he is not a spy, Spider-Man convinces Nick Fury to give the two time to solve this matter peacefully. It is revealed that Maximus the Mad had taken control over the royal family, and the true mastermind behind the attack. However, Spider-Man and Triton are able to stop him. As an apology, Triton is made the Attilan ambassador.