After the first year of his superhero career, Spider-Man was picked by Nick Fury to join his newly recruited S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees. Despite his initial hesitance, he gave in and joined the group after they aided him in battle.


Spider-Man defeated Trapster

Spider-Man caught the Trapster.

After one year as a vigilante, Spider-man stops the Trapster from robbing a money car. Fury appears behind him offering him a membership to S.H.I.E.L.D. but rejects the offer and leaves. In the cafeteria at Midtown High, Peter Parker was eating with Harry and Mary Jane until his spider sense tingled and saved them from a torn apart wall. He met the Frightful Four (sans Trapster) and fought them. He escaped by going into the ventilation shaft. Harry got injured in the fight and Peter feels responsible for it. He then decided to join S.H.I.E.L.D. and got taken in by Fury.[1]

Later, After his training, he tries out a modified motor cycle created by S.H.I.E.L.D. With a lot of trouble riding it, he avoided damage with the help of his new teammate super-heroes. After his complaining, Spider-Man decided to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. as he can't have responsibility for them. After he slinged his way, he is ambushed by the Frightful Four (sans Trapter) for a re-match. As he fought he had had some difficulties alone, but was rescued by his teammates from S.H.I.E.L.D. and defeated them. Spider-Man had a change of heart and re-joins S.H.I.E.L.D. Later he met his teammates at school acting as students for Midtown High and Coulson as his new principal.[2]

later, Peter butted heads with Sam after he saw him hanging out with his friends, he would soon regret this when he was sent to detention, however, he soon found out that this was a cover to get all the members in one place. He went on a mission with his teammates to capture Doctor Doom. Spider-Man purposely left behind Nova at Latveria. Doctor Doom turned out to be a duplicate holding another five mini-robots. Spider-man and his teammates successfully took down the Doctor Doom clone, but, were scolded by Fury for their actions. The five all took responsibility as a team and were given a taunting message by Doom and a enthusiastic Nova got irritated by this and decided to after Doctor Doom again, the team then tried to hold Nova off.[3]


Venom appearance

Venom enveloping Peter.

Later, Spider-Man was riding his Spider-cycle in the tunnel when he encountered an Octobot. He was mocked by civilians when the robot tore off a piece of the back of his pants, revealing the butt of his underwear. Peter Parker ran to school, due to being late, but the door was shut on him. He was saved by his best friend Harry Osborn, who he had to blow off due to his teammates. Nova made a snarky remark about Harry, Peter then tried to explain to him that he did not mean for it to happen, but was shut down quickly. He took his teammates to Harry's party, his spider-sense tingled and went to the bathroom. The Venom symbiote appeared in front of him and Flash. The symbiote attached itself to Flash, but detached quickly to attach Nova. The team managed to take the symbiote off of Nova, but it attached itself to Power Man. The symbiote then attached to Iron Fist, Iron Fist read its thoughts and revealed it wanted Spider-man. Spider-Man let himself be enveloped by Venom symbiote and was about to attack Harry and Mary Jane. Spider-man fought head-to-head with Venom and defeated him with his electric webslingers, but, the symbiote survived. After the fight, Peter made up with Harry for earlier and helped cleaning his apartment.[4]

Meeting Iron Man


Spider-Man controlled by Living Laser fights against Iron Man.

Later, Spiderman was being chased by the Living Laser when his teammates came to help him out. The Living Laser then disappeared right in front of their eyes. It was then revealed he was defeated by Iron Man, whom Spider-Man was delighted to see. Spider-Man had impressed Iron Man enough to warrant a visit to his plant on Saturday, much to the dismay of Nick Fury. When he went to the plant he was completely astonished. Iron Man revealed that he had made a new armor for Spider-Man, Spider-Man showed his new armor to his training teammates in order to impress them, however, all he managed to do was show them he did not have full control over the armor yet. He tried to defend himself in front of his teammates, but they all thought he should abandon the armor. He then fought the Living Laser inside of his own armor, who held him hostage in order for Iron Man to shut his systems down. Spider-Man went back to his teammates to decide their next course of actions, they decided to attack Living Laser head-on. They managed to get Living Laser out of Iron Man's armor and they were able to transport him to another dimension.After that Peter apologizes to his team, when Fury arrived and showed him the new modified suit, then suddenly he accidentally activated it and made a mess.[5]


Later, Spider-Man and White Tiger chased a leaping villian in the night. White Tiger managed to capture the villian, much to Spider-Man's enjoyment. Peter was present when it was announced that there w[[Taskmaster|

Taskmaster calculating Spider-Man

]]ould be a new coach due to the original one being injured. Peter and the rest of his classmates went to gym with Taskmaster disguised as Yaeger. Peter was the last one to do the exercise and purposely failed it miserably. The next day White Tiger called Peter to come to investigate why the fence was electrocuted, the two went into the building. Taskmaster chased Danny, Harry and Flash. They confronted Taskmaster and were vastly outclassed by him. Spider-Man saved White Tiger from falling to her certain death, when Taskmaster offered Spider-Man a position with him, but was rejected. Spider-Man and White Tiger managed to beat him through swapping each others equipment and fought him in the dark. After they defeated Taskmaster he escaped and left his mask behind. Peter was then praised by Ava for doing this together.[6]

Rampages of The Hulk


Spider-Man and Hulk.

Some days later, Peter was interviewed by Mary Jane as both himself and Spider-Man. He took Mary Jane web slinging briefly, she asked him a few questions before Manhattan had been attacked Hulk. Spider-Man saved Mary Jane from falling from a high building and saved the police from being hit by a couple of dropping things. He was interrupted from answering Mary Jane's question by Hulk when he first threw something and later grabbed him and threw him to the ground. He jumped on the Hulk's back and tried to attack him, but, was thrown away effortlessly. He webbed the Hulk's view and then asked Mary Jane to play her recorded footage of the fight. He then saw an invisible energy man through night vision goggles. Spider-Man made a few jokes at the expense of the Hulk, he moved Mary Jane out of harms way and reported to Nick Fury for backup. He took Mary Jane into a subway station and saved her camera, after she questioned his joking, he webbed her out of the subway. He and Hulk fought Zzzax while barricaded in the subway, the two beated him, but, Spider-Man was knocked unconscious and quickly woke up, only to have Nick Fury and his agents come in at the wrong time, trying to arrest Hulk. He tried to reason with Hulk, but, Nick Fury had other ideas. He then looked for Mary Jane when she was trapped under rumble. He was then present when Mary Jane was given a new camera by the Daily Bugle.[7]

Spider-Man imposter

Venom vs Spider-Man

Spider-Man takes on Venom.

Some days later, Peter reminisced about the supervillians he had defeated when his aunt brought him something for his illness. Peter turned the tv on when he saw what seemed to be him stopping a supervillian. Peter was with Flash when he threw out his old Spider-Man stuff. Spider-Man pleaded with his teammates and Nick Fury about the new Spider-Man. He confronted the impostor and was forced to chase him down the street. The impostor attacked him and when he got to school, he was teased by Nova about the confrontation. Harry revealed to him he was the impostor to which Peter was startled. Peter attempted to get Harry out of being a superhero, but, Harry brushed him off and left him alone in the bathroom. Spider-Man chased Harry as the new Spider-Man and was called by Nick Fury. Spider-Man was attacked by a flying villain and left plummeting from the air when the Harry lost control of the symbiote and attacked various people on the street. Spider-Man fought Venom in the streets, dodging the majority of his attacks. Venom twirled Spider-Man at a bus and threw him through a window into Norman Osborn's office. He defeated Venom once again by shocking him, this time through the broadcast on tv of Jonah Jameson. Peter as Spider-Man saved Harry from falling and bragged to Nick Fury about defeating him. Spider-Man went to brag to his teammates, but, they were shown to have all caught his cold.[8]

Arrival at Asgard

Some days later, Peter went to a museum with his classmates on a field trip, they examined the Norn stone. Peter stood in the back due to his previous misfortune on field trips. Suddenly, a frost giant appeared and principal Coulson evacuated everyone except for Spider-Man and his teammates. Spider-Man and his teammates were beaten by the frost giant, but, were helped by Thor, who burst through the windows. Spider-Man argued with White Tiger while Thor went and touched the stone around the frost giants neck. Thor was then, turned into a frog. Thor explained to Spider-Man that Loki had done this to him. Thor as a frog, took Spider-Man and his teammates back to Asgard with him, they encountered a couple of frost giants upon their arrival.[9]


Spider-Man tries talking to a depressed Thor.

Spider-Man and the others escaped from the glacier of ice they were trapped in and fought Loki's frost giants. Spider-Man and the others were teleported from battle by Thor at Spider-Man's request. Spider-Man went with the others to find the dwarf king, Thor apologized to him for not saying thank you when he created his hammer. Spider-Man teleported back to Loki, much to Loki's surprise. Spider-Man was told by the dwarf king to lead his teammates into battle against Loki, during the battle, he gave them distinct orders. He confronted Loki and tricked him into turning Thor back into himself. Spider-Man was thanked by Thor and given a two-headed goat, Spider-Man was then bitten by the goat.[9]

First encounter with Wolverine

Some days later, Spider-Man was attacked by several citizens as ordered by Mesmero. Wolverine arrived and asked him what he had done to all of the people who were attacking him. Peter told Wolverine he didn't do it. The two fought their way through the civilians. Spider-Man caught Mesmero before he could escape. He and Wolverine got into an argument, before Nick Fury stopped them. Peter was asked by his teammates if they could use his homework, he denied them. Peter woke up in Wolverine's body and shredded things up in his house. He called Wolverine and told him he was Spider-Man. He was then attacked by Sabretooth. He and Wolverine fought Sabertooth outside of the school in each other's bodies. The two defeated Sabertooth. They went to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier where he threatened Mesmero and returned to their bodies. Wolverine told Spider-Man that he has a great life and bade farewell to him.[10]

Venom strikes again

Ava angry at Spider-Man about not telling her and the others who Venom was

Spider-Man being confronted by Ava for not telling them who's Venom.

Some days later, Peter woke up with an emergency call from Fury, he ignored and went downstairs. He watched on the news that Jameson reported that Spider-Man brutally beated Batroc, which confused Peter. Peter had suspisciousness on who it was and went to school, where he greeted Harry who was tired. Peter wondered what happened to Harry, but Harry tried to convince Peter to trust him and left. Peter had doubts, so he went after Harry on his spider-cycle to Oscorp.[11]

When Harry transformed into Venom and attacked Norman, Spider-Man prevented him from hurt Harry's father. Spider-Man was distracted when Venom threw Norman out of the building and rescued him, Venom then fled the scene. Norman hastily thanked Spider-Man, he wondered why Norman was acting strange. In the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Spider-Man admitted to his team and Fury that he knew who it was inside Venom, but still kept the secret of his identity. He begged Fury to do this alone, Fury objected it and made Peter sit this one out. Spider-Man disobeyed his order and trapped his teammates in his webs.[11]

Spider-Man went after Venom who was after Norman. They got into Oscorp where Spider-Man discovered that Norman knew about Venom's host. Spider-Man's team arrived and attacked the creature, but Spider-Man defended Venom to help Harry. Venom escaped the vicinity, Norman chided the team for their rescue. Spider-Man had a meeting in secret with his team at school. Spider-Man trusted his teammates and revealed the identity of Venom. He was astonished to see that his teammates did not tell to Fury about Venom. White Tiger showed Spider-Man the piece of the symbiote and Spider-Man decided to create an anti-venom for it.[11]

When his team were searching for Venom, Spider-Man was creating the anti-venom. He succeeded and went to his teammates who were fighting Venom. Spider-Man got on top of the roof where he injected the serum into Venom and returned back to Harry. Spider-Man brought Harry to the hospital where Norman told him that he doesn't need Spider-Man anymore, which confused him. Spider-Man was training with his team and told them that there should be trust in the team with a snarky remark, they jokingly decided to squash the spider.[11]

Coming face-to-face with Doc Ock

When Whirlwind caused a tornado, Spider-Man went after him. He defeated Whirlwind when he took of his helmet and hit him in the head with it. His aunt left him while she went out riding. He was happy to have the whole place to himself. He then realized he was being spied on. Peter confronted Nick Fury about spying on him. Fury told him it was a basic security protocol. He gave up his S.H.I.E.L.D. tech back to Nick and told him he was "off the clock". Spider-Man went on a roller coaster ride and was confronted by Doctor Octopus. The two fought and Doc Ock told Peter he couldn't wait to dissect him. He purposely tried Doc Ock's patience while the two were in a room of mirrors. He was defeated by Doc Ock and taken by his base. He woke up and was chased around by Doc Ock in the base and called Nick Fury while there. He saved an unconscious Doc Ock and passed out shortly. He was saved by Nick Fury and made Doctor Conners happy when he brought back a device that he had held on to while he was drowning.[12]

Into the Dream World

When Peter was asleep by the magic of Nightmare, he was saved by Iron Fist. He learned from him that everyone was put asleep. Iron Fist lead Spider-Man on the Spider-Cycle to Doctor Strange and on the way told Iron Fist he did not believe in magic. At Stephen's place, he met the sorcerer surpreme and learned that Nightmare was the one who induced everyone into an endless sleep, but still doubted that magic exists. Spider-Man along with Iron Fist were brought to Dream Dimension to stop Nightmare. There he saw the nightmares of White Tiger, Power Man and Nova and realized that magic does exist. Then Nightmare approached them and summoned dreamons to attack them. Spider-Man hold the dreamons off along with Iron Fist, until Nightmare connjured his horse into a spider. Spider-Man was protected by Doctor Strange and was told not to fear, Spider-Man then noticed that Iron Fist disappeared through a door and went after him.

He learned from Iron Fist that they are in K'un-Lun. Spider-Man and Iron Fist approached Nightmare in the form of Shou-Lao, Spider-Man tried to believe Iron Fist that it's just a dream, but was pushed back to Doctor Strange by Nightmare. After Strange believed he lost his powers, Spider-Man tried talking Strange out of his nightmare, but to no avail was kept away from him by Nightmare. He then conjured up the nightmare of Spider-Man, where he met Uncle Ben. Spider-Man was happy to see his uncle and explained to Nightmare that it was his uncle's death that he became Spider-Man and helping people. Spider-Man then found out Nightmare's weakness, with the help of Stephen Strange, who cured himself from his nightmare, awoke every civillian. Spider-Man together with Iron Fist and Strange sealed Nightmare in a box. After Strange thanked them, Spider-Man and Iron Fist went back to school. In class before Sam could prank Peter, the latter scared Sam with his Leporiphobia. [13]

Unexpected science project

Peter responded to a rampaging Juggernaut, he soon realized he was outclassed when he attempted to hurt him. He was called by Power Man, who he had been partnered with for a science project. Peter went home trying to sneak back into his room, only for his aunt. He was once again called by Luke, who was still asking him about the science project the two were working on. Peter was forced to stop and fight the Juggern

Juggernaut holding Spider-Man

aut once again, he felt guilty when he let Luke down. He went to the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier and tried to find something he could use for his science project. Peter settled on bringing a gray brick, which Luke questioned using. The brick was known as the Awesome Android, able to grow the more it consumed. Spider-Man and his teammates stopped the Awesome Android from eating a train. Juggernaut attacked them while they were stopping the Awesome Android. The five regrouped and attacked the android once more. Peter and Luke went and got Sam and Ava's ice making machine. Spider-Man was thrown inside of the android and blew it up from the inside. He was surprised to see Power Man have his back.[14]

Zodiac's take over

In the Helicarrier, Spider-Man grew tired of Fury's scoldings while he was tired from training and left the ship. The next day, Spider-Man returned to the Helicarrier to discover it was taken over by Scorpio's Zodiac, he also claimed that Nick Fury was dead, but Spider-Man was not convinced and searched Fury through the air vents. He discovered Scorpio's plan to steal every file of S.H.I.E.L.D. and to destroy the Helicarrier. When Spider-Man was contacted with Fury, Spider-Man was glad to see Fury alive that he was heard by the Zodiac. He evaded their gun shots and aborted the downloading. Spider-Man found Fury and together equipped themselves with several weapons and acted out Fury's plan. After Scorpio activated the self-destruct mode, Spider-Man fought against the Zodiac on the topside, until Fury activated the dive mode of the Helicarrier towards the river. Spider-Man and Fury discovered that Scorpio was the brother of Nick Fury, Max Fury. Max escaped the Helicarrier, which after Fury aborted the self-destruct sequence. After that Spider-Man wondered if that was his brother, which Fury didn't respond to it, Spider-Man praised Fury for being a great teacher and gave him a label maker.[15]

Arachnid versus Beetle

After apprehending Trapster with the help of the other trainees, Nick Fury was so impressed by their teamwork, he assigned Spider-Man and the others on a mission to protect J. Jonah Jameson from the Beetle. This was most difficult for Spider-Man, mainly due to Jameson accusations of him being a criminal. While the team was on stake out, Mary Jane called him that she was on her way to the Daily Bugle, the exact same place they were on stakeout at.[16]

As Peter, he went with Mary Jane as she worked her way through Iron Fist, Power Man and Nova. After Peter couldn't communicate the others he suspcted the Beetle was in the building. He lured Mary Jane into Jonah's office and fought against the Beetle, with the aid of the other trainees, they captured the high-tech villain. Peter rejoined with Mary Jane and went outside, the Daily Bugle Communication was then shut off by Fury, which Peter enjoyed of having Jonah silenced for once.[16]

A Day in the Sand

Peter laid in bed, sleeping, when Nova called him telling him he needed help in battle. He slipped in snow and fell in front of his teammates, who were all pranking him. Peter and his teammates were requested by Coulson for a mission, the team went to a beach and tried to have fun. His Spider Sense went off when he saw a boy named Sandy. He and his teammates then met his brother named Flint, who, along with his brother, were out of touch with the rest of the world. However, when they tried to leave, they were attacked by the two. He and Luke Cage noticed a drawing on the wall and concluded that Sandman was captured by Fury and left on the island. The team left Sandman on the island. However, when Spider-Man emptied the sand out of one of his shoes, the sand turned out to be Flint. As the ship was crashing, they managed to stop Flint from getting into the city. Peter and the others were punished by Nick Fury by getting a cold scrub for trying to avoid new training.[17]

Taking care of the Hulk

Peter tracked down a type of alien and saw Hulk. Hulk became sick and Peter took him back to his home. Not wanting to reveal his secret identity, Peter chose to keep his mask on. He also had to dodge his aunt and convince her to not come into her room at all. Peter finally revealed his secret identity to Hulk and told him some facts about himself.[18]

More Unique than the Other Guy

Peter's reputation as Spider-Man had gotten good enough to the point his principal wanted to make a play about him. Peter originally wanted nothing to do with the play, but changed his mind and talked to Coulson about it. Peter was surprised to find out that he'd be played by Flash Thompson, a pier of his that had been bulling him for years.[19]

Peter was taken in to the play as understudy, a role and part he was not particularly fond of. He came to one of Flash's rehearsals, only to find out fellow teammate Nova gave Flash one of Peter's costumes. This angered Peter and caused him to question just how well he really knew his teammate. On the night of the play, Peter was amazed to see Flash have stage fright.[19]

When Flash told him that all he wanted to do was be like Spider-Man, Peter talked to Flash and told him that if he wanted to be like Spider-Man, stop being a bully. Peter went out and sang the lyrics Coulson made up and was hated on by his piers, a few calling him a "Science geek". Peter was helped by Flash, who managed to get everyone off of his back, not insult him and to cheer on him.[19]

Helping Iron Man

Peter talks to Harry about his dad for the 3rd time

Peter talks to Harry about Norman.

Peter talked to Harry about the former's father, who believed their dad was inconsiderate and overall not a good parent. Peter tried to tell him his dad was "pretty cool", but Harry told him he couldn't understand, most likely due to Peter hardly remembering or even knowing his parents. Peter and Harry met up with Harry's father. The three were attacked by an unknown individual. Peter quickly changed into his Spider-Man costume and was ready to approach the assailant. He and the two were surprised to see Iron Man attacking him.[20]

Spider-Man in Iron Man's sight

Spider-Man in Iron Man's sight.

Having previously met Iron Man, Spider-Man could not understand this and questioned his motives before having to briefly fight him. As Spider-Man, Peter went back to Stark Industries and ran across Iron Man again. He put out his webs and threatened him before Iron Man revealed his armors were under the control of Doc Ock. The two fought together against the armors before they met up with Nick Fury and the Osborns. Peter stopped an argument between Norman and Tony, stating that it was a waste of time. To his surprise, Nick Fury agreed with him.[20]

Spider-Man talks to Iron Man

Spider-Man talks to Iron Man.

Spider-Man fought Doc Ock after he revealed himself to them. While fighting and protecting Norman Osborn from him, Spider-Man continuously ignored his notions that Norman was behind the attacks towards him the last couple of months. After defeating Ock, Spider-Man talked to Iron Man about him, telling Iron Man that Doc Ock made him nervous.[20]

The Revenge of The Beetle

Peter's aunt May went to a parent-teacher conference and met his principal, Coulson. He quickly noticed the two's sudden attraction to each other. He grew extreme distaste over the thought of the two getting together and became annoyed when his aunt and principal decided to go on a date.

Peter tried to get the two away from each other during their date. He disguised his voice and called Coulson. After Coulson answered, he pretended to be Nick Fury and tried to give him a fake mission. After Coulson hanged up, Spider-Man asked him if he was still there. Due to his presence there, Spider-Man was able to immediately come to Coulson's aid after he was attacked by a vengeful Beetle.

Despite their combined forces, the two failed to capture Beetle and he ended up taking Aunt May. Spider-Man and Coulson teamed up again and went off to Beetle's location to save her. Peter and Coulson succeeded in defeating Beetle.

Captured Again

At night, Peter was invited to dinner by Harry and Norman, celebrating for the former's great report card. As soon as they arrive at the restaurant, Peter was called by his team for reinforcement at Oscorp. Spider-Man arrived in the storage room where they were fighting against the Frightful four. He discovered alongside the team that the place was a trap and the Frightfull Four send out several Octobots, while the others were distracted Spider-Man was kidnapped and brought to Octavius' laboratory, where he was chained by tentacle arms. There Octavius took a blood sample from Spider-Man and told him he would get revenge on him for creating problems for him. While Octavius was talking, Spider-Man escaped from his confinement. While he fought against the Octobots and Octavius, he was attacked from behind by Norman, discovering that he was the one behind who tried to capture him the past months.

While Norman was about to remove the mask of Spider-Man, Octavius sneaked from behind injecting Norman with the DNA of Venom and Spider-Man. Spider-Man was then confined by Octavius, before he was dissected by him, he was saved by his teammates. After he was saved, Spider-Man watched as Norman Osborn transformed into the Green Goblin (or Goblin for short). After seeing Goblin's rampage, they decided to ran away from him, but the monster soon caught up to them. After his teammates were taken out by the Goblin, he took him head on while trying to talk him that he was still a guy who loved his son. The battle damaged the Oscorp building and at the end Spider-Man was defeated by the Goblin, who then left the building before the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived.

After the battle, Spider-Man and his team were taken to the Helicarrier, Peter told Nick Fury that Goblin was his own responsibility since he was created by his own DNA. He decided to go solo against him, trying to avoid everyone from harm, before leaving the infirmary.[21]

Facing his Nemesis

True to his word, Spider-Man went off on his own to protect Harry from the Goblin. He followed Harry to school and saved him from a confrontation against his father. After explaining to him that was his dad and lying by telling Harry that Norman was attacked, Spider-Man was aided by his teammates. Even though Spider-Man didn't want the aid, they still helped him. The combined teamwork couldn't stand against the abominable strength of the Goblin, they escaped with the secret passage in school to the Helicarrier along with Harry.

After arriving on the Helicarrier, Spider-Man and his team celebrated, after receiving a message that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had taken down the Goblin. However, Spider-Man and the others looked in shock as and the others looked in shock as Goblin was riding a S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft and crashed into the Helicarrier. After the Goblin told Harry that Spider-Man was the cause of his mutation, Spider-Man tried to convince his friend that he shoudn't listen to his father. After Harry was taken into custody for safety, the Team went after the Goblin, they find Connors stuck in rubbles and rescued him. Soon after the Goblin came in the room, with new equipment and attakced the team. After the Goblin was thrown out of the Helicarrier, he made it crash. Spider-Man stayed behind with Fury after he ordered everyone to evacuate.

The both of them went after the Goblin, who already found Harry and convinced him that Spider-Man was the true villain. Spider-Man webbed up Norman and tried to convince Harry not to believe him before he was taken over by Venom and charged at him. Spider-Man fought against both Venom and the Goblin. He convinced Harry to free himself from Venom, which he did, and Spider-Man watched how Goblin left the scene along with a Venom sample. After saving everyome from the Helicarrier. He joined the others on ground and watched as Harry came to resent him and blame him for the mutation of his father, proclaiming he would have his revenge against Spider-Man.

Peter found out that the trainees all lived on the Helicarrier and invited them to live at his house. Peter brought them home and introduced them to his aunt and asked that they could stay, which she agreed.[21]

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