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Personal information

Ava Ayala (Daughter)
Nestor Ayala (Father)


White Tiger Amulet

Production details
First appearance

Kraven the Hunter (episode)

Ava got the amulet from her father; the White Tiger before her.
Coulson to Spider-Man about Ava's heritage.
Hector Ayala was the second White Tiger, the son of Nestor Ayala, and the father of Ava Ayala.
Hector Ayala ae

Without costume


Little to nothing is known about Nestor Ayala, besides the fact that he was the pervious wearer of the White Tiger Amulet and passed it down to his daughter Ava Ayala, and had originally received the amulet from his own father, Nestor Ayala. However due to unknown reasons he has passed away.

In his time as White Tiger, he was attacked and killed by Kraven the Hunter. Before he died, passed on the amulet and the White Tiger title to his daughter, Ava who was bent on getting her revenge in Kraven for killing her father.

Physical appearance

He wears a police officer uniform.


His costume is identical to his daughter's but has muscular build.



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