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Goblin White Tiger

Goblin Iron Fist

Goblin Power Man

Goblin Nova

Goblin Norma

Norman Osborn (Earth-TRN457) 001

Goblin HYDRA

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First appearance

"Revealed" (Norman Osborn)
"Ultimate" (White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man and Nova)
"The Spider-Verse: Part 1" (Norma Osborn)
"The Spider-Verse: Part 3" (Ultimate Goblin)
"Hydra Attacks, Part 1" (HYDRA)


Goblins are creatures created from Spider-Man and Venom's DNA that can become evil unstoppable creatures.

Physical appearance

Goblins are noticeably larger with their skin turned into green scales, with larger pointy eyes, small green goblin ears, a double chin with horns sticking out and yellow eyes without pupils.


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 Season  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 891011121314151617181920212223242526 Total
Season 1 2
Season 2 m c c 6
Season 3 6
Season 4 c c 6
Overall 20

List of Goblins




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