For Your Eye Only
1, 15
For Your Eye Only USM 01
Air date July 22, 2012
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Directed by Jeff Allen
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Leo: What's your name, agent?
Spider-Man: Oh, well it's...uh, Stan...Ditkoberg.

For Your Eye Only is the 15th episode of the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It aired on July 22, 2012.


Spider-Man is alone to defend against the forces of Scorpio and Zodiac.



Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Other Characters



The alias Spider-Man uses while posing as a Zodiac grunt is StanDitkoberg, a combination of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, who co-created spider man and most of the marvel universe's foundations.

The label maker regifting gag was a reference to the 1990's Sitcom Seinfeld, specifically the episode " The Label Maker", which was also the first notable use of the word regift.

The title, laser trap fury was in, and timer ending on 007 are all james bond references.

Marvel references



Spider-Man: Gee, thanks Spidey-sense. Like I woundn't figure out I'm in trouble.

Zodiac Agent #1: They find Spider-Man?
Zodiac Agent #2: I don't know.
Zodiac Agent #1: I thought that guy be taller.
Zodiac Agent #2: I know, right?

Spider-Man: (As a Zodiac soldier) Hey, guys! Hey, Zodies! Z-Zodiac!
Leo Zodiac Soldiar: What's the order?
Spider-Man: You've...been relieved.
Taurus Zodiac Soldier: Says Who?
Spider-Man: Scorpio. It's all hands on deck.
Taurus Zodiac Soldier: Why didn't he call us on our coms?
Spider-Man: We've been compromised. Spider-Man who is not a twit, by the way, is here. You better go up there, now.
Taurus Zodiac Soldier: What's your name, agent?
Spider-Man: Oh, well it's...uh, Stan...Ditkoberg.
Leo Zodiac Soldier: What is this?



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