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Published on November 1, 2016 MAXIMUM CARNAGE Spider-Man and Agent Venom must stop Hydra and Morbius’ plan to create a new, improved Venom Bomb – the unstoppable Carnage Bomb!

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Your ultimate hero is back! Spider-Man is swinging onto Disney XD to take on his very worst nightmare - an evil team made up of the biggest baddies known as the Sinister Six!

Spider-Man is the superhero every baddie wants a piece of especially his evil nemesis Doctor Octopus and his supervillain team the Sinister Six made up of Hydra, Beetle, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Lizard and Rhino. Their aim: to destroy Spider-Man once and for all.

In order to defeat Doctor Octopus and his evil team, Spidey has to assemble the ultimate fighting team so he calls together Agent Venom, Iron Spider, Kid Arachnid and Scarlett Spider. Their aim: to take down the Sinister Six once and for all.

Who will win this ultimate battle? Does Spider-Man and his super spidey team have what it takes to take down the Sinister Six??

Find out in Marvel’s super cool animated series Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six – only on Disney XD!

SPIDER-MAN – aka PETER PARKER – VOICED BY DRAKE BELL Before getting bitten by a genetically-modified spider and becoming the wall crawling, crime fighting Spider-Man, Peter Parker was a normal, shy school boy. But as soon as he got his new super-spidey powers, he became fearless when confronting his foes, even making jokes and insulting his enemies. Spider-Man is used to taking on some evil villains but nothing compares to the fight he will face when taking on the Sinister Six.

AGENT VENOM (also known as SCARLET SPIDER) – aka EUGENE ‘FLASH’ THOMPSON Agent Venom’s alter ego Eugene Thompson is a high school jock and former bully at Peter Parker’s school. After the Venom Symbiote went into his shoe, Eugene Thompson becomes Agent Venom and one of Spider-Man’s most loyal buddy’s. He is extremely strong, agile, an awesome fighter and will never give up – traits that make Agent Venom an invaluable member of Spidey’s ultimate super hero team.

IRON SPIDER – aka AMADEUS CHO Iron Spider is a 13-year old genius with superhuman intelligence and the most perfect spider armour. Super intelligence combined with his Iron Spider armor makes him a tough opponent for the Sinister Six and a pretty cool member of Spider-Man’s super team!

KID ARACHNID – aka MILES MORALES Miles Morales is a teenage superhero from another dimension. Like Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid gained his super spidey powers from being bitten by a genetically altered spider. Now he is stuck in Spider-Man’s world he joins Spidey’s team and with his superhuman strength, spider sense and venom blasts he is a force to be reckoned with!

SCARLET SPIDER – aka BEN REILLY Scarlet Spider is a vigilante originally created by Dr Octopus and was a secret spy trying to gain access from the S.H.I.E.L.D Academy. But after a big change of heart Scarlet Spider joins forces with Spider-Man’s team to fight the Sinister Six. With his super fighting skills, exceptional spy and hacking skills he is a super awesome member of Spider-Man’s superhero team!


DOCTOR OCTOPUS – aka DR OTTO OCTAVIUS Dr Octopus is the evil leader of the Sinister Six. This hunchbacked villain is a mad scientist who experiments with dangerous subjects. He is a ruthless, insane super villain and dangerous foe of Spider-Man and his team.

BEETLE Beetle is a super skilled, super villain who uses his high-tech flying beetle armor to commit crimes and disrupt the peace! Beetle is mysterious, unemotional, ruthless and a foe of few words. He is motivated by money and revenge and is set on destroying Spider-Man for good.

ELECTRO – aka MAX DILLON Electro is an electric-powered supervillain and member of the Sinister Six. When he is supercharged he can use his electrical energy to fight off his opponents, he can also travel down electrical cables so you never know where or when he is going to appear and cause trouble for Spider-Man and his team.

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