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Doctor Octopus
Biographical information
Real name

Otto Gunther Octavius

Alternative name(s)

Doc Ock, Iron Octopus

Physical description




Personal information

Sinister Six


Mechanical Tentacles

Production details
First appearance

"Great Power" (as Otto Octavius)
"Me Time" (as Doctor Octopus)

Voiced by

Tom Kenny


Doctor Octopus (real name Otto Octavius) is a scientist that was left crippled in a lab accident. With Norman Osborn's help, he survived his injuries, and worked for Oscorp to capture Spider-Man's powers to use for weapons. He is another one of Spider-Man's arch-enemies. He is the secondary antagonist of Season 1, one of the main antagonists of Season 2 with Green Goblin and a recurring villain in Season 3.

Physical appearance

Doc Ock

Doctor Octopus`s first look

Doctor Octopus has a short height and is very pale and also hunchbacked. He has long black wet hair and wears red goggles. He wears a grey scientist suit, around his stomach, along with a mechanical device that enables him to breathe,[1] and four octopus arms attached to it.[2]

Before the accident, Otto Octavius was handsome once.[1]

When he was captured by Norman Osborn again, he was bald and his tentacles were removed. He also had a new pair of goggles, which are silver in color with thin red lenses.[3]

Later on, his hair grew back and he had his tentacles again, but still has his current goggles.[4]


Doctor Octopus is a mad scientist that experiments with dangerous subjects, as shown when he created the symbiote.[5] Although Doctor Octavius is always in his lab, after his first time of chasing and capturing someone, he enjoyed it and stated that he should have done it more often and that the thrill excites him. Octavius has shown to have no fear of being killed, shown to still chase after Spider-Man even as large amounts of water leaks into his lab. Although being insane, he feels sadness after his accident, which caused him to change physically.[1]Like a real octopus, Doctor Octopus is always hiding in the shadows, concealed in the cracks of his lab. 


Early career and accident

Dr. Otto Octavius was friends with Doctor Curt Connors at college, then started working for Oscorp. Doctor Octavius was later involved in a lab accident which caused him breathing problems. Fortunately, Osborn funded technology to let Octavius breath through other ways and Octavius started serving Norman since that day.[1]


Norman Osborn ordered Otto Octavius to capture Spider-Man and to create equipment to sell. Octavius hired the Frightful Four to do the job. He received from Wizard footage of Spider-Man.[2] After the Frightful Four were defeated, he was scolded by Osborn and decided to not fail again.[6]

Octavius sent an Octobot after Spider-Man to get a blood sample from him. Spider-Man crushed the Octobot but a smaller octobot concealed inside escaped with the blood sample. Otto Octavius uses this blood sample to create a symbiote by taking its most dangerous aspects out of it. However, the symbiote escaped and Octavius was childed by Norman. He told Norman that the symbiote went back to Spider-Man. After the symbiote seemingly was destroyed, Norman ordered Octavius to create a stronger version of the symbiote, Otto promised that he would.[5]

Otto assigned Taskmaster to find Spider-Man and bring him back to him. When Taskmaster came back from his failed mission, Otto went into a violent destructive rage.[7]

Otto knew that Harry Osborn was Venom and kept it a secret from his employer Norman Osborn. But, when Harry transformed into Venom and attacked his father, Octavius claimed to have never known. Osborn was still impressed with the symbiote and wanted Octavius to make more symbiotes like it. Octavius agreed and told Osborn he would need more time. Osborn objected, explaining that time was something he did not have.[8]

Going after Spider-Man

Otto Octavius sent out Whirlwind to get some information from Spider-Man. In his lab, he was once again scolded by Norman Osborn for his failures. Octavius told him that he would go capture Spider-Man. Norman sent him mockingly off and shut the communications off. Enraged by Norman, he destroyed the screen and went after Spider-Man. He found Spider-Man at an amusement park. During his fight against Spider-Man, the villain is dubbed "Doctor Octopus" by Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus enjoyed hunting Spider-Man, after getting a shock from his taser by Spider-Man, he threw him in the hall of mirrors. He saw a mirror reminding of his past self, interrupted by Spider-Man's remark, Doctor Octopus finally grabbed and electrocuted Spider-Man into unconsciousness.

Doctor Octopus brought Spider-Man into his underwater lab to dissect. He reported to Norman that he caught Spider-Man. After hearing Norman's mocking, Doctor Octopus decided that he would do it on his own and cuts the communications off. Before Doctor Octopus could dissect Spider-Man, the latter woke up and fought against the former. Doctor Octopus tried to attack Spider-Man, but to no avail as he dodged every attack. After Doctor Octopus failed to hold Spider-Man, Norman let his employee knew that he was fired. The lab blew up leaking the water in. The water level reached the two, Doctor Octopus drowned but was saved by Spider-Man.[1]

Iron Octopus

Iron Octopus

Soon, Doctor Octopus returned in an armor similar to that of Iron Man's, with the addition of the mechanical arms. After a two-versus-one brawl with Spider-Man and Iron Man, Iron Octopus is defeated. Unbeknownst to the heroes, he's captured by Norman and "rehired" while restrained and refined to a recuperation tank.[9]

Soon, Doctor Octopus was placed in a green, spherical, and movable version of the recuperating tank and was given new goggles, with his tentacles removed and his head shaved. Doctor Octopus began his run by sending the Frightful Four at Spider-Man once again. However, it was later revealed to be a distraction, one of the Octobots attacking Spider-Man and his team taking him to his new lair. After revealing that Venom came from Spider-Man's DNA, Doctor Octopus became engulfed in his own monologue, providing Spider-Man with enough time to escape. They battled once again, with Osborn then tasing Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus retreated to a new battle suit of squid-like design, and injected Norman with an experimental green serum. Spider-Man's team arrived in the middle of one of Doctor Octopus's monologues and he was forced to confront them as Osborn transformed. He set fire to his own lab in the scuffle, and witnessed his abusive employer's transformation into the Green Goblin. He attached a control collar to Green Goblin so that he would be in full control of him; unfortunately, Green Goblin was able to tear it off and in the process, incapacitated Doctor Octopus's battle suit. He was then thrown around by the creature, his battle suit being continually being smashed by Green Goblin's rage-filled fists. It was here that Green Goblin noticed that the team had retreated, and went after them, leaving Doc Ock for dead.[3]

The Lizard

Doctor Octopus was revealed to be alive when he was going after his serums in one of his lab and he was foiled by Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. Later when Dr. Curt Connors transforms into the Lizard and went after him. Doc Ock told Lizard that he transformed into a monster. When Lizard attacks him, he tells Spider-Man that they have to team up to beat him. Right in the middle of the fight, Doc Ock betrays him and escapes leaving Spider-Man with Lizard.[4]


Spider-Man taking off Doctor Octopus`s tentacles

Sinister Six

He later recruited Beetle, Electro, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter and Lizard and caused Spider-Man to come to his lab and made him fight the Sinister Six. However, he was defeated when Lizard resisted his control and Spider-Man took out his tentacles. He was then locked away in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new headquarters along with the remaining Sinister Six members.[10]

Second Chance Hero

Spider-Man and Norman Osborn in the Iron Patriot Armor battle Octavius who uses a Octobot to project a holographic image of himself. He attacks them with Spider-Soldiers, super soldiers based on the Venom symbiote Octavius developed from Osborn's stolen research. Spidey and Norman together put an end to Octavius' plans, earning the Iron Patriot S.H.I.E.L.D's trust in the process.

Return of the Sinister Six

An armored Doctor Octopus and Lizard invades Ryker's Island and reassembles the Sinister Six by armoring up Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Rhino, and Scorpion. The Sinister Six give Spider-Man a hard time until Norman Osborn in the Iron Patriot armor and the rest of Spider-Man's team arrives. While Spider-Man fights Lizard, Iron Patriot fights Doctor Octopus while Spider-Man's team fight the other members of the Sinister Six. When the Sinister Six end up combining their attacks to take down Iron Patriot, Doctor Octopus plans to inject Spider-Man with the Goblin Serum. Doctor Octopus then injects Norman Osborn with the Goblin serum while Spider-Man restored Lizard to Dr. Curt Connors. Norman Osborn becomes Green Goblin where he defeats most of the Sinister Six. Though Spider-Man has won against the Sinister Six, Green Goblin gets away with the captive members of Spider-Man's team. After the Sinister Six were defeated, Dr. Curt Connors thanks Spider-Man for saving him.

The Avenging Spider-Man Part 1

Doctor Octopus joins forces with Loki to destroy the Avengers and their newest member, Spider-Man, by body swapping with Peter so it seems Spider-Man is destroying New York and summoning monsters from different dimensions and 'venomising' them. But their minds back to their original bodies, things much worse for Spider-Man will be made.

The Avenging Spider-Man Part 2

After a case of mistaken identity caused by Loki and Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man must convince his old team that he's the real Spider-Man before he is destroyed by the Avengers and before Loki's plot is furthered. But solved everything and then at the end of the battle.

The Vulture


New Warriors



Nick Fury is controlled by Doctor Octopus Nanobots now it's up to Spider-Man and Ant-Man to get Nick Fury back by going inside his body.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect: As a former scientist, Otto Octavius is very intelligent, capable of creating new and deadly creations like Venom.[5]



Doc Ock`s Electrocuting taser and Saw blade


After the accident, Doctor Octopus injuries had affected his breathing and had to be fitted with a special harness to enable him to breathe. If the holes are blocked, Doctor Octopus can fall unconscious from the lack of air in his lungs.[1]


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3: Web-Warriors

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6


Doctor Octopus
  • This is Doctor Octopus's twenty-fifth other media appearance and sixth animated appearance.
  • During Season 3's premiere where Loki and Doctor Octopus team up against Spider-Man, Loki switches bodies with Spider-Man as a part of their master plan. Doc Ock notes that the idea is brilliant and that he's "going to write that down", a nod to the Superior Spider-Man story line where he takes over Spider-Man's life for some time.


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