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The Destroyer

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Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man

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New Warriors


The Destroyer is a Asgardian machine with unstoppable power.

Physical Appearance

The Destroyer is a empty Asgardian armor, covered with spikes, with the Norn Stone in his chest.[1]


Spider-Man's team finds the Destroyer at the depths of the Hudson River while they were looking for Thor and then when Spider-man teams accidentally touch the Norn Stone they turned into smaller and chibified version of themselves. Loki later unleashes the Destroyer onto the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarier. Nick Fury arrives to help Spider-Man's team and Thor fight the Destroyer enough for Thor to knock it off the Helicarrier. Thor and the Destroyer fights across the rooftops until Spider-Man's team catches up. Loki then possesses the the Destroyer to finish the job. Thor states to Spider-Man's team that they must separate the Norn Stone from the Destroyer. Spider-Man's team takes their fight to the toy store where Thor managed to get the Norn Stone off of the Destroyer and restore Spider-Man's team to normal.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: The Destroyer's large size gives it a formidable physical power, enough to bat away a car hurled at it with apparent ease and swat Thor back several feet with one hit.[1]
  • Indestructibility: The Destroyer`s Asgardian metal materials that makes it highly resistant to damage. Even when Thor hit him with Mjolnir showed no signs of damage from it.[1]
  • Energy Blast: The Destroyer can unleashed energy blast through its eyes.The energy discharge lances out the orange-white beam. The touch of this beam was enough to blast a car to pieces or vaporize any living being.[1]
  • Retrograde Positioning: The Destroyer is able to move its armor pieces so that it faces the opposite way without turning around; its back side becomes its front side and vice versa. This was used when Ava showed up to him.[1]




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