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"Blade and the Howling Commandos"
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Blade and the Howling Commandos is the 21st and 22nd episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man's season 2. They aired on October 5, 2013.


It’s Halloween for Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man, but there’s no time for Spider-Man and his friends to trick-or-treat when they find themselves attacked by evil vampires led by Dracula himself. Spidey's only hope of stopping a world takeover is to team up with Nick Fury’s secret team of super-powered monsters, The Howling Commandos. Led by Jack Russell, aka Werewolf by Night, The Howling Commandos include vampire hunter Blade, The Living Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster and Man-Thing.



  • Dracula: Ahh! Invulnerable? I I can't bite you, Then I will... control you.
  • Iron Fist: Power Man!
  • Power Man: Let me go. Let... let...
  • Spider-Man: What's he doing to him?
  • Blade: Mesmerism.
  • Spider-Man: Mesmer what now?
  • Blade: Your mask, are those reflective lenses?
  • Spider-Man: Yes.
  • Blade: Good.
  • Spider-Man: Why?
  • Blade: You're about to see.
  • Dracula: Destroy Blade.
  • Power Man: (Mind Control) Yes, my king.
  • White Tiger: Power Man, stop! Wake up!
  • Dracula: Good. More slaves.
  • Nova: Nice try, Drac. But it'll take a lot... (Mind Control) I am your slave.

  • All: Yes, Lord Dracula.


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