Atarog is an abandoned Inhuman city.


Atarog is an abandoned Inhuman city.[1]


By the time Nova found where Nick Fury is, abducted by Hydra led by Crossbones within the lost city of ancient Inhumans, then retreat with the ancient Inhumans' sacred box to warn Spider-Man about this, as Spider-Man planned to rescue Fury, Triton is called by Spider-Man to accompany him to that lost city due to Triton's Inhuman knowledge. Though reluctant to go to the lost city is forbidden to a non-Inhumans like Spider-Man, even a current Inhumans like Triton, Triton had no choice to do it, as along it is a right thing to do like what Spider-Man said. They soon found one of Nick Fury's colleagues and female spider person who can project a power of Web of Life all around reality Madame Web. Finally, they found Hydra led by Crossbones, with Nick Fury is held as a hostage, with one of Madame Web and Spider-Man's plan, Nick Fury and Web are saved, but decide not to return to Triskelion just yet. Though Triton and Spider-Man are spotted by Inhuman royals however, they instead proud of Triton and Spider-Man for protecting the lost city from Hydra, and return them to the Triskelion.[1]


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